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Unable to complete operation due to low memory in chrome
A lot of chrome mobile users including me usually face this issue when trying to Upload a photo. Sometimes its really annoying because the page has to refresh for you to try it all ovet again.

Never mind. Here is a solution to the Issue.

Solution #1: Most of the Android user`s experience the error "unable to complete previous operation due to low memory" even if they have a 4GB internal memory. If you are using the Official Google Chrome browser on your Android device and you always encountered this everytime you open Facebook, I would advise that you download another browser like Firefox. You can download Firefox beta on Google play store. Also, if you are uploading a photo on your Facebook using Google Chrome and the error always appear, you can try the ES File Manager. You can easily access your files from your device and share them with others.

Solution #2:
  • Go to the Settings on your phone.
  • Select More in the top right task item.
  • Scroll to Developer Options. - If you don`t have developer options enabled follow steps 1 & 2, Then scroll down to about device and click on it. The phone information should be displayed and you should scroll down till you get to Build Number. The next thing to do is click on Build Number several times... ( Each time you click on it an info bar will be displayed telling you how many clicks are needed for Developer options. When you have clicked BN several times then DO will now be open and we can continue with the above.
  • If you have clicked into Developer Options successfully then you must scroll down to the apps options near the bottom of D.O menu.
  • If ( Do not keep activities) is selected then be sure to untick it making sure the box has no tick in it as it will end every app or running operation as soon as it leaves the page, Hence the reason photos wont load up to Facebook etc. If this is done correctly then you should now be able to upload photos.

If you still have any issues after trying the above tips, just let us know in the comment section.



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